Alexander Vindman seemed like a relatively decent and sane guy when he started out.

And then he started talking. And talking. And talking some more. And it became pretty clear that he wasn’t playing with a full deck and quite possibly never had.

This morning, Vindman decided to come after GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, who supposedly has “blood on his hands” over Ukraine:

More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Former national security aide Alexander Vindman accused Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and others of having “blood on their hands” as Ukraine withstands a withering assault from Russian troops.

In an interview with the Journal Sentinel, Vindman included Johnson on a list with former President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, claiming they undermined U.S. national security.

“Civilians are dying, Ukrainians are providing a formidable defense, defending democracy for Americans as well as for themselves and their homes. And Ron Johnson is trying to distract and obfuscate,” Vindman said.

Repent! The power of the Resistance compels you!

You don’t have to be a Donald Trump apologist to think that Alexander Vindman is just really annoying and weird and annoying.

Maybe Alexander Vindman isn’t as good at this as he thinks he is. We’re just putting that out there.