“Journalist, broadcaster & feminist campaigner against male violence” Julie Bindel tweeted about a harrowing experience she had on a train today:

Apparently she was taking a shot at fellow “journalist, author, feminist” Laurie Penny, who says that they/them/she recently had “a CPTSD-related flashback”:

She detailed her trauma in this thread:

For what it’s worth, if it was thoughts and prayers that Julie Bindel was in need of, she got them. From J.K. Rowling, no less!

No doubt Ms. Rowling also sent her thoughts and prayers to Laurie Penny. After all, if Bindel’s experience was traumatic, just imagine how difficult it’s been for Laurie to keep it together.

Unfortunately, Penny doesn’t seem to appreciate Rowling’s gesture to Bindel:

Laurie Penny is hurting, and here comes J.K. Rowling commenting on a subtweet about her like it’s some kind of joke. The nerve. Doesn’t Ms. Rowling understand the lasting emotional damage she’s inflicting on CPTSD survivors like Penny???

As it turns out, Rowling doesn’t understand it. Because she knows it’s complete BS.

And that’s what she told Penny (with receipts in tow, of course):

Penny thought she had PTSD before … imagine how traumatized she after that verbal thrashing she just took.