Michael Womack is the communications manager for Equality Florida and president of the Hillsborough Young Democrats. He’s very prolific, you see. A real go-getter.

But despite the fact that he’s got his hands full with job responsibilities, he still has time to wage war on Public Enemy No. 1, Ron DeSantis. Via DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw, of course:

And there you have it.

*At least 90% of leftism is silencing speech.

National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin put together a quick but cutting thread that uses Michael Womack’s call for deplatforming Pushaw to illustrate just how upside-downish the Left’s perspective has become. Fascists, heal thyselves:

The lefties with their fingers on the “BAN” button never think that they’ll be targeted. And they never consider the message they’re sending when they try to silence any opposing thought or speech.

Well, at least they’re consistent.

Anyway, we can’t end this post without getting Christina Pushaw’s $0.02. After all, she’s the one Womack wants to deplatform:

Pffft. As if. Then what would Michael do all day? Just sit by the phone and wait for Pushaw’s call?

Actually, that’s probably exactly what he’d do:


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