Earlier, we told you about the student leftists at the University of North Texas who heckled and harassed Jeffrey Younger, whose son was taken from him because Younger didn’t believe in forcing a child to undergo gender transition.

Well, Democratic Texas State Rep. Gene Wu would like to officially go on the record as being pro-fascism (and, while he’s at it, anti-science):

“Shouting down an anti-trans Republican candidate” = “Shouting down a man whose perspective when it comes to ‘trans’ children is relevant and valid because you don’t think he has any right to express his opinion without being taunted and harassed by a bunch of entitled, immature jackasses who don’t realize that they’re what they profess to hate.”

Well, technically it’s not the only policy Gene Wu stands for … he is evidently also cool with members of campus conservative groups being hunted down by angry leftist students:

He really does. Allow him to explain:

Note to anyone who shows up to future events featuring Gene Wu to protest: if Gene Wu says something you don’t like, the First Amendment does not shield him from the consequences of his speech, even if those consequences are things like, say, verbal harassment or physical violence.

Who’s endangering the lives of children? The people who don’t believe in forcibly transitioning children who aren’t emotionally mature enough to make potentially life-altering decisions? Or the people who believe a boy who likes “Frozen” has gender dysphoria and needs to live his life as a girl, the people who are willing to physically and chemically alter children’s bodies?

The state told Jeffrey Younger that he could not decide for his own then-seven-year-old son because the son’s non-biological mother should be given priority. Who’s endorsing fascism, Gene?

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