Just because SiriusXM host and alleged comedian Dean Obeidallah isn’t Catholic doesn’t mean he can’t still put out hot Ash Wednesday takes.

While we couldn’t actually see his face as he wrote this tweet out and hit send, we can still picture the look of smug self-satisfaction and hear the sounds of him snickering to himself about how clever he is.

Because only the cleverest sort of person could come up with something like this:

Topical! At least we think it’s supposed to be …

We’re a bit fuzzy on that ourselves.

Judas Priest, maybe.

On Ash Wednesday, of all days?

Sorry … Dean literally cannot help himself.

It certainly is interesting — not to mention insightful — when someone whose M.O. includes mocking the faithful turns around and uses their religion to make what’s supposed to be a valid and valuable political point.

Fact-check: true.

We could sit here all day trying to figure that out and still not come even close to scratching the surface.

But this seems like a good diagnosis to start with:

Most likely beyond repair.

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