Thank God for the Democratic Party. If not for them, who would think of the children?

See, the children are our future. And the only way to ensure our future is to … make it legal to murder as many of them as possible?

These are Chuck Schumer and Democrats’ priorities.

What a shame that Republicans couldn’t get on board:

How embarrassing for Schumer.

And how telling with regard to the Democratic Party.

America is ostensibly a civilized country. But what, pray tell, is civilized about trying to legalize murder?

Only one Senate Democrat and one House Democrat were willing to take a stand against a bill that never should’ve been on the table.

Taking a stand against the “right” to murder children up to birth shouldn’t even be a moderate position; it should be the default position. It should be the decent position. It should be the moral position. How revolting that nearly every Democrat in Congress can’t or won’t see it that way.