All our media had to do was not make complete asses of themselves.

And they just … couldn’t … do it.

Over to you, CBS News. It’s your turn to be in the spotlight:

We hope that Ukrainians can take a lot of comfort in knowing that their situation is stable enough that they can turn their attention to the plight of their local transgender communities.

Seriously, though. What even is this, CBS News?


For years, transgender people in Ukraine who wanted to be legally recognized had a long list of steps they had to go through to do so. According to Human Rights Watch, the government mandated that transgender people undergo extensive psychiatric observation and under gender reassignment surgery to get legal documents that aligned with their gender.

Legislation was introduced in 2017 to lessen the process, but still would require that transgender Ukrainians undergo outpatient psychiatric examinations. There is no indication that legislation was ever implemented.

“I don’t want to go through that. This is like, humiliating for the world,” [Zi] Faámelu said. “…I decided to keep my passport, keep male in my passport, and now I cannot leave this country.”

Obviously we’re sympathetic to transgender individuals who want to be acknowledged and recognized by their chosen identity. And human interest stories are often, well, of interest to people. But it just seems like CBS News should be focusing on the bigger picture. You know, the picture of Vladimir Putin waging an unlawful war on Ukraine.

In their shamelessly woke attempt to uplift a transgender Ukrainian woman, CBS News is slapping the Ukrainian people in their faces.

Oh, absolutely. Without a doubt. But CBS News will be ultimately given a pass by the Left because politics reign supreme.

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