Hol’ up! No discourse regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine — or any foreign policy moves, really — is complete or valid until Hillary Clinton enters the chat.

She was, after all, President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, so who’s more qualified than she is to lend her voice to the discussion?

No one, that’s who! So here she is telling MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski how we need to proceed:

Thank you, Madam Secretary!


Awww … you’re sweet, Greg. But even more than that, you’re wrong. You also might want to see a doctor, because you appear to be suffering from some pretty severe amnesia.

Does Hillary think she can just hit some giant RESET button and we’ll all forget what she’s done?

Look at that smile on her face. You can’t buy happiness like that.

If anyone should be sitting this stuff out, it’s relics from the Obama administration. Looking at you, Hillary.

In summary:

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