Has anyone ever accused Laurence Tribe of being brilliant? If they have, they should be forced to compensate Tribe somehow, because they’ve been lying to him.

Laurence Tribe is not brilliant. He’s not even semi-competent. He’s just a sad, strange little man. And he has our pity:

Here’s a screenshot, since it seems to have vanished:

Bless your heart, Laurence.

“Great minds.” Bless yours, too, Paul.

Tucker Carlson may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but suggesting that he could be guilty of treason should seem like a stretch even to Carlson’s harshest critics.

When even Area Expert™ Tom Nichols is telling you to slow your roll, it’s time to take a few steps back.

Well, we have to remember that Laurence Tribe is firmly in his Left mind.

Hopefully. But if not, the important thing is that we make sure to keep Laurence occupied somehow.

And, as it happens:



Hold up, guys. Not so fast!

When Laurence Tribe said “treason,” he didn’t necessarily mean, like, literal treason,” per se.

Because the last thing Laurence Tribe would ever want to do is mislead.

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