The Canadian government has made it abundantly clear that they support peaceful protests and freedom of expression and democracy in action.

In Cuba, that is:

For eff’s sake.

Freaking yesterday.

It’s nice that the Canadian government stands with the people of Cuba trying to throw off the shackles of authoritarian oppression. Too bad they can’t extend that same courtesy to their own citizens. Canadian protesters are getting their financial accounts and assets frozen, getting their pets taken away, getting their kids taken away, and getting arrested.

And here’s the effing Canadian government pledging solidarity with Cuban protesters.

Let’s be clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing support for the Cuban people. But if you’re doing that while simultaneously cracking down on your own people, you deserve to be dragged because you’re garbage.

The cruelty is absolutely the point. And they are most definitely mocking us all.

Canada’s government doesn’t condemn Cuba’s government at all; they revere them.

It’s become a running joke lately to suggest that Justin Trudeau is the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro.

But even if Trudeau and Castro aren’t related by blood, they’re inextricably joined together by their mutual love of authoritarianism.

(Hat tip: @arlasko)

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