Andrew Dessler is climate scientist and Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M, so it’s safe to say that climate change is kind of his jam.

It makes sense that if Joe Rogan was looking for a voice on the “AGW is Definitely Happening and Here’s the Proof” side, he’d choose Andrew Dessler to be that voice.

So Joe Rogan chose Andrew Dessler. And this is what happened:

What you have just witnessed is Joe Rogan — that problematic, pot-smoking, MMA-loving meathead — getting Andrew Dessler — an esteemed climate scientist and professor — to admit to millions of people that he’s too scared to debate anyone on the science of climate change.

Maybe Joe Rogan’s not actually the meathead in this scenario after all.

Dessler’s definitely Fauci-esque.


Not how science works, Andrew.

Scientists know a lot of words.

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