Nice going, Andy Ngo. You went and got yourself in Twitter jail. Must’ve done something pretty bad, we reckon.

So … what’d you do?

Should’ve known better, Andy. You can’t just post things like that and expect not to be punished.

Wait … why can’t you post things like that and expect not to be punished?

Twitter seems to have this weird thing about accounts that share screenshots of crazy stuff lefties say.

For those of you keeping score at home, last August, Andy Ngo shared a screenshot of an email he purportedly received telling him to “Die motherf*cker,” Twitter locked him out of his account for violating the sender’s privacy, and Twitter wouldn’t restore Ngo’s access to his account until he deleted the tweet with the offending screenshot.

This is indeed some clown sh*t. Twitter’s entitled to have rules, of course, but enforcing them arbitrarily is not a good look. Particularly when the victim of the actual offense is falsely framed as the offender.

Particularly when Twitter’s concern about users’ private information only ever seems to flow in one direction.

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