Media have been swarming all over the list of names of donors to the Freedom Convoy ever since the GiveSendGo database was hacked. Donors livelihoods and lives are actually at risk now.

And this guy, Aubrey Cottle, aka Kirtaner, Canadian hacktivist and founding member of Anonymous, is taking credit for all of it:

Boy, he’s a peach, innee?

Jokes aside, as douche-y an image as Cottle projects, he’s a genuinely scary dude. It’s clear he has absolutely no remorse when it comes to ruining people’s lives and no qualms about doing it again and again and again.

Insane, but very good at what they do.

And Cottle seems to be under the impression that he can continue to do this with impunity.

Generally speaking, yes. The thing is that degenerates like Cottle get a pass if the government decides that they might be useful.

Cottle is, as he himself puts it, “a famous f*cking cyberterrorist.” He’s very much known to the authorities.

Yet he’s still out there, and he’s lovin’ every minute of it.

Best of luck to whoever’s left in Canada. They’re gonna need it.