Yesterday, CNN’s homepage had absolutely nothing to say about John Durham’s recent filing alleging that people with significant ties to Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump both when he was a candidate and when he was a sitting president.

At least Brian Stelter finally got around to talking about it … by way of Fox News, of course.

So, thanks to Brian’s offering, that brought CNN’s total mentions of John Durham this month as of yesterday up to … ten. That’s ten more than MSNBC, so congration, CNN! You done it:

One of these networks is not like the others.

The justification is they don’t feel like it, OK?

Ah, but what’s this? It’s “Morning Joe” to prove that MSNBC can, in fact, cover the Durham thing:

And if Joe and Mika know one thing, it’s gobbledygook. Yessir.

Well, to be fair, people who trust CNN and MSNBC for comprehensive journalism are ignorant. So maybe CNN and MSNBC are onto something after all.

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