The Bulwark’s siren song recently lured Will Saletan away from his longtime home at Slate, and he hasn’t missed a beat.

Recently, Saletan and Bulwark luminary Charlie Sykes discussed the Freedom Convoy on “The Bulwark Podcast”:

And it seems they were left with no choice but to bang their heads on their desks over Democrats’ refusal to attack Republicans for protest hypocrisy:

An even better question is “Where’s the hypocrisy that Will and Charlie want Democrats to attack?”

No, seriously. Where is it?

Will Saletan isn’t concerned about nuance. Even when it’s the in-your-face-because-there’s-not-actually-any-nuance kind.

Makes him a great fit for The Bulwark — and a lousy contributor to the public discourse.

*Fiery but Mostly Peaceful Protests, you mean.

All in a day’s work at The Bulwark.