In a totally shocking development, Nikole Hannah-Jones is offended.

See, the other day, National Review put a big ol’ bee in her bonnet with a cover story on her baby, “The 1619 Project”:

Hannah-Jones didn’t so much give herself a good laugh as she nearly gave herself an aneurysm:

If you can, please take a moment out of your busy day to say a little prayer for Nikole Hannah-Jones and bless her heart. Her poor heart needs some blessin’.

She’s been clear about her goals from the beginning. And she won a Pulitzer Prize in spite of that, as Andrew Sullivan points out:

While we’re at it, we should give Nikole Hannah-Jones another prize for revisionism:

She’s nothing if not consistently on-brand.


This may also have something to do with Sullivan’s simple tweet:

We certainly don’t presume to speak for Andrew Sullivan, but we can say that every time we bring up Nikole’s Pulitzer Prize, it’s in part to point out that the Pulitzer Prize Committee torched what was left of their credibility when they honored Nikole Hannah-Jones and her garbage “1619 Project.”

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