Because MSNBC is a Serious News Network, they’ve blessed Joy Reid with a primetime show slot and a hefty paycheck.

That means that night after night, Reid has a platform from which she can rant and rave to whoever still watches MSNBC, and then she can share her thoughts with an even wider audience on Twitter:

If you thought that little tirade was unhinged, you’ll love this tweet:

“With a Taliban twist.” Sounds like a weird cocktail request or something. Which we suppose is appropriate, given that Joy Reid sounds like she’s had quite a few cocktails. Strong ones.

To anyone who wants to try … Godspeed.

Oh, without a doubt. But Joy Rei(D) is safe from Brian Stelter’s wrath.

Ooo, speaking of her blog … quick evergreen exit question:

We don’t recall her ever IDing the culprits, but they were probably right-wing white Christian fascist with a Taliban twist.

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