Discourse columnist and Atlas Society Senior Fellow Robert Tracinski doesn’t think that Joe Rogan should be canceled, but he can’t help but wonder why so many people care about what happens to Joe Rogan:

Maybe it’s not just about people wanting their id unleashed; maybe they just think that Joe Rogan — like Howard Stern or Donald Trump or anyone else, really — shouldn’t be the target of an Outrage Mob just because he doesn’t toe their preferred line on every single issue.

Perhaps conservatarian radiologist Dr. Pradheep Shanker can clarify for Tracinski why the war on Joe Rogan is genuinely problematic:

It’s worth noting that Ilya Shapiro’s job is currently in jeopardy all because of a few well intentioned tweets that were deliberately misrepresented and grossly understood.

Bingo. Joe Rogan has a huge fanbase and quite a bit of clout, not to mention a whole lot of “f*ck you” money (especially if he joins forces with Rumble). He has influence and resources that a lot of other people don’t. If we let Joe Rogan get devoured by the wolves, what chance do we have of making it?

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