Author and blogger James Surowiecki has no patience for people like Joe Rogan who don’t subject all of their material to rigorous fact-checking by expert fact-checkers. For what it’s worth, James is absolutely right that good fact-checking is essential in today’s media environment, where misinformation and disinformation run rampant.

But who fact-checks the fact-checkers? That’s a totally fair question, one that Tablet CTO and Twitchy regular Noam Blum, aka @neontaster, would like an insightful answer to from James.

Here’s how that conversation went:

It’s pretty much perfect as-is.

Nope. It’s real, and it’s spectacular.

Oh, James … you gotta be quicker than that!

At least James had a defense for his now-deleted tweets:

Hey, we didn’t say it was a good defense …

This is just the greatest thing. It really is.

We all needed it.

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