When it comes to the Chinese government, NBC can’t bend over far enough.

We told you about this shameless parroting of ChiCom propaganda already:

We’re still struggling to wrap our heads around that.

And around this:

Um, OK.

Apparently NBC isn’t all that concerned about it.


Can’t be anything wrong if you keep your eyes shut tight! Out of sight, out of mind.

And speaking of being out of one’s mind, check out how Savannah Guthrie covered it:

Uhhh …

This is gross, Savannah Guthrie. This is gross, NBC.

Because that would’ve been the correct way to frame it. Though this would’ve worked as well:

Savannah Guthrie is gonna need propofol to be able to sleep at night.

This is very, very deliberate on NBC’s part.

No need to put it off any longer.

NBC’s not worried about how history will judge them; all they care about is clinging to all the ChiCom social credit points they can.