Earlier this week, RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar teased a disturbing story about a nine-year-old boy’s abuse at the hand of school officials who are supposed to be looking out for his wellbeing. And what is what was done to Kamdin Hernandez, if not abuse?

Heartbreaking and infuriating.

After exhaustive research and countless tears of anger, Van Laar has written up her story. Or, rather, part one of her story:

Here’s how Van Laar’s RedState post begins:

Most of us don’t enjoy wearing a face mask, but for 9-year-old Kamdin Hernandez a face mask is an almost unbearable distraction and wearing one for hours on end makes him feel anxious and, in his words, “stressed out.” Kamdin tried to the best of his ability to wear the mask during the first half of this school year at Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley, California, but told teachers on multiple occasions that he has ADHD and wearing the mask made him feel stressed out and he couldn’t think and couldn’t do his work with the mask on. Still, school staff called him “rude and disrespectful,” refused to allow him to check out library books, and one teacher even physically pulled the mask up over his nose on one occasion. His parents complained to the school district, to no avail. So when Kamdin returned to campus in early January, he decided he wasn’t going to wear the mask, period.

That’s when things got very heated, very quickly. Kamdin’s been forced to sit on the playground field alone to do his schoolwork, endured taunting to “just wear your mask!” from his classmates as teachers watched and did nothing, was physically blocked from entering his classroom by the principal, been locked out of his classroom by his teacher, listened as school authorities threatened to call CPS if his father didn’t take him home for refusing the mask, counted truant for five of those days he endured the bullying and intimidation, and now “excluded” from going on his school campus because the principal has determined that his presence constitutes a “clear and present danger” to the health and safety of students and staff.

Honestly, you just need to read the entire thing.

No child deserves to be treated that way. No family should have to endure what Kamdin Hernandez’s family has had to endure.

Again, Van Laar says that parts two and three are even worse.

We don’t know exactly what’s coming in the next installments, but we have no doubt that our blood will be boiling even more angrily.

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