Jeff Zucker is out at CNN. Jeff Freaking Zucker.

Despite his workplace dalliance apparently being an open secret among many in the media, especially among his CNN colleagues, Zucker managed to hang on there for a while. And that’s pretty impressive.

But is it as impressive as Zucker leaving CNN before Jeffrey Toobin?

Not Toobin, that’s for sure.


But seriously, how did this happen? How did Jeffrey Toobin survive while Jeff Zucker fell from grace? It seems crazy when you think about it.

Until you think about it a little more. What does Jeffrey Toobin have that Jeff Zucker doesn’t?

That could be it, of course. But maybe there’s an even simpler explanation:

Gross, but true. Unlike Cuomo and Zucker and the other creeps lurking at CNN, at least Toobin took his matter into his own hands. Which is apparently something that a lot of other CNN employees can’t do.

Good for Jeffrey Toobin. He lives to see another day. For now, anyway.

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