Yesterday, freedom-loving Area Expert™ Tom Nichols was watching Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show, where extremely liberal journalist Julia Ioffe was a guest.

And Nichols couldn’t help but be struck by something Ioffe said:

If anyone’s got their fingers on the pulse of Regular America, it’s Julia Ioffe and Tom Nichols.

Oh, and this guy:

Charles T. White is a self-described “Emmy-winning director, journalist, tech critic, photographer, pro musician, talent mgr/agent,” Resistance member, and BLM advocate.” (FYI, if you hadn’t heard of him, it might be because he won a regional Emmy.)

He is also, as you can clearly see, a ginormous elitist buttface.

First of all:

We’re willing to consider that the 5-ton SUV thing might just be hyperbole, but that seems pretty generous given how out of touch White clearly is. If he’s this out of touch with Americans, he’s gotta be out of touch with math and cars, too.

Tom Nichols should pucker up, too:

Experts be expertin’.

Well, for what it’s worth, Tom Nichols and Charles T. White are both privileged and malicious.

And they’re making sure we all know it.

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