Apparently, the reports earlier that Barry Manilow had pulled his songs from Spotify was fake news:

Barry Manilow DID NOT pull his songs from Spotify

The singer tweeted to clear things up:


When Neil Young threatened to take his business elsewhere if Spotify didn’t drop Joe Rogan like a hot potato, we were nervous. What would even be the point of Spotify without Young’s oeuvre?

Well, Neil Young has left Spotify, and we’re still here, surviving, somehow.

But we may not survive for long. Not after losing … Barry Manilow?

It’s true.

Peter Frampton, actually:

It’s rough out there for the Boomers. And Fanilows have an important decision to make.

Barry Manilow writes the songs that you’ll no longer be able to find on Spotify.

Hey, this is serious, you guys! We’re totally serious!

OK, we’re not serious. But it’s funny as hell that there are people out there who are taking this very seriously and are proud to follow Barry Manilow to the ends of the earth over this.

That just about sums it up.

Worth noting:


We’re sure Barry would never do something like that.

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