This afternoon, Joe Biden vowed to keep his campaign promise to nominate a black woman for SCOTUS and nominate a black woman for SCOTUS. What a guy!

CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart, for one, couldn’t be more excited:

We’re sure you do, Joe.

And how about this one?

Guess so.

We all know who they are. This is their thing.

For the record, there’s another POC on the list of nominees opposed by Democrats:

Miguel Estrada’s nomination wasn’t just filibustered by Dems; it was outright torpedoed. And their animosity toward him was based on nothing more than nakedly partisan vindictiveness. And genuine racism, of course:

“He is Latino.” Party of Racial Harmony and Tolerance, right there.

“Destroyed his family” is not an understatement:

Today Democrats cry racism at every opportunity — and then some — yet they take no accountability for the blood they arguably have on their own hands.

It should haunt them forever.

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