CNN anchor and chief national affairs analyst Kasie Hunt recently had a harrowing experience on the Acela, and she decided to share it with her Twitter followers.

Brace yourselves for this. Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

It’s only by the grace of God that she survived this harrowing ordeal.

One can only hope! Karens are our best weapon against COVID, for sure.

It’s scary out there, folks. And we won’t forget Kasie’s bravery.

They’re probably still wading through the sea of corpses.

Only the seriousest journalism at CNN.

We’re sorry, too. We’re sorry that “journalists” like Kasie Hunt literally get paid to whine and lecture while adding absolutely nothing of value to society.

We tried imagining it but we got a headache.

But with any luck, she will be. Someday.

Ah, who’re we kidding?

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