Yesterday, Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: choose him, or choose Joe Rogan. But he wasn’t going to let Spotify choose them both.

Apparently in his twilight years, he’s softened somewhat on the value of free speech.

Right Said Fred said it right.

Meanwhile, Young’s wife, actress and activist Daryl Hannah, said it very, very wrong:

We’re willing to give her a pass on the second one … a private company can do what they want. And if what they want is to continue to generate revenue from Joe Rogan’s massively popular podcast as opposed to clinging to diehard Neil Young fans, they’re within their power to do so.

But her first tweet is just flat-out nuts.

Sorry, Daryl, but it does.

Wrong AF. Problematic, too.

Oh dear. This is awkward.

Best of luck to Neil in the future.

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