In case you missed it, Bari Weiss was on the most recent edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and she sang a tune that many Americans have been singing for months and months:

A day and a half later, she’s still a hot trending topic on Twitter. That’s the sort of thing that happens when a liberal who can still look at liberalism and progressivism critically says something that makes outspoken liberals and progressive pundits et al. uncomfortable, even though it’s true.

Wajahat Ali hates inconvenient truths. So does Mehdi Hasan:

Bravo, Mehdi, says Jennifer Rubin:


Jennifer Rubin giving props to an antisemite for ignoring facts and science is just so on-brand, isn’t it?

These loons are treating Weiss as if she told everyone to go out and cough all over each other. All Weiss said was that millions of Americans have done exactly what was asked of them, wearing masks and getting vaccinated, because they had been led to believe that they could go back to living their lives relatively normally after they did all that. And now they’re being told by Democratic politicians and bureaucrats that they can’t, in fact, do that. That’s a problem, and it’s naturally undermined the public’s trust in our government and bureaucratic and moral betters. That’s not Weiss’ fault.

And if it’s Weiss’ decision to go about her life relatively normally, isn’t that her prerogative? Isn’t that all of our prerogatives? We can still take commonsense precautionary measures without indefinitely putting our lives and our kids’ lives on hold. COVID isn’t just a public health crisis because it puts people at physical risk; it’s also wreaked havoc on our mental health, and, worst of all, on the mental health of our kids.

Wajahat Ali, Mehdi Hasan, and Jennifer Rubin should direct their anger at the people who have gone out of their way to make sure the pandemic does as much damage as possible, not at people like Bari Weiss who have looked at the data and the science and the facts and concluded that there’s no good reason to keep putting life on hold.

They’re taking whatever position they need to take in order to justify continuing to exercise control over everyone. How long do they think they can keep this up?

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