Friday’s only just recently begun, but what would you guys think about starting the weekend party a little early?

Hopefully you’re all down for that, because that’s exactly what Grabien’s Tom Elliott has decided to do. Elliott’s put together another one of his dizzying and fascinating supercuts featuring a chorus of lefty voices screeching over the past couple of years about the impending “death of our democracy”:

See? We told you it was a party! A Democratic Party, anyway.

That just about sums it up!

Elliott’s quite good at this sort of thing. Though, to be fair, the Left gives him plenty of ammo.

And how ironic that none of the people featured above seem to have a problem with the Biden administration already sowing the seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of the midterm elections. We thought that sort of talk was supposed to indicate the death of democracy. It’s so har(D) to keep up with these rules!

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