As a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Georgia’s Herschel Walker should be prepared to have his entire life scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb.

By very, very serious people:

This is firefighting at its finest, folks:

One of the accounts has a name not suitable for a family newsletter. Several others also have accounts on OnlyFans, a social media platform popular with porn stars.

Some of the accounts he followed also were affiliated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship and may have overlapped with Walker when he was competing in the sports league.

“This is stupid. He follows or is followed by tens of thousands of people,” said campaign manager Scott Paradise.

Hell. President Barack Obama followed several porn accounts on Twitter!

Walker’s campaign manager is right. This is stupid.

Doesn’t seem like it.

Oh, snap.

Following racy accounts on Instagram is not a crime. If Herschel Walker gets busted for some kind of sexual misconduct, that’s a different story. Let us know when that happens.

Until then, save some energy for evidence of actual scandals. Because there’s no shortage of those.

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