As we know all too well, it’s become very difficult for many liberals to acknowledge antisemitism.

So when they do acknowledge it, they often try to blame it on the Right. And white supremacists are the perfect bogeymen. That’s why as the hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, was unfolding, MSNBC guest — and Democratic Michigan AG — Dana Nessel was so quick to suggest that this apparent act of terrorism was the work of white supremacists:

We’re shocked — shocked! — that Nessel jumped the gun and ended up faceplanting.

Obviously, it was technically possible that white supremacists were behind what happened at Congregation Beth Israel. After all, white supremacists are pretty notorious antisemites. But white supremacists aren’t the only antisemites out there, and if Nessel had been more concerned with having all the facts as opposed to pushing a narrative, maybe she could’ve avoided looking like a desperate partisan guest on a desperate partisan “news” network.

The media never learn their lesson.



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