This may, it will have been 16 years since Al Gore’s magnum opus “An Inconvenient Truth” made a splash and made Gore the world’s go-to guy on climate change.

Apparently CBS is getting a jump on the anniversary celebrations, and they’re paying tribute to Gore by pretending that he was not, in fact, full of BS all this time:

Al so wishes he’d been wrong, you guys!

Is that so, Gayle? If you’ll permit him, Grabien’s Tom Elliott would like to take issue with your assertions.

For your consideration:

Maybe Gayle King and Ben Tracy should rethink their mad respect for Al Gore.

Here’s some inconvenient truth: Is climate change happening? Yeah, probably. It’s been happening since before humanity existed. It will happen long after we’re gone.

And people like Al Gore aren’t going to stop it. Especially when their own massive carbon footprints put them in no position to lecture the rest of us.