If Joy Reid were a Republican, she never would’ve even gotten a mainstream media show in the first place. But as it happens, she’s not a Republican; she’s a liberal Democrat. So she not only has her own MSM show, but she’s got a primetime MSM show.

A primetime show on MSNBC, where she can make the deranged and dangerous arguments that Republicans and conservatives are regularly accused of making. Arguments like this one:

And what’s with this chick in the Fauci t-shirt? What’s her story?

Oh, Dr. Roy’s not giving up on the unvaccinated yet. How magnanimous of her!

At least Joy’s owning the fact that she’s given up on them and wants them to pay dearly for their insolence.

Seems like a fair question.

Health care is a human right! Except when we want to punish people who don’t get the COVID vaccine! In that case, they deserve to get financially screwed and become social pariahs, if not outright just left to suffer and die.

We’ll wait.