Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Benjamin Wittes has had it up to here with “Trumpists and some non-Trumpist conservatives” who keep insisting that Stacey Abrams was a sore loser to Brian Kemp in 2018 when she didn’t concede. As far as we can tell, Abrams has never recanted any of her claims that the election was stolen from her.

Anyway, Wittes took some time yesterday to set the haters straight about what Stacey Abrams did or didn’t do:

Guys, this is gold. In its purest form.

Narrator: Her points are not substantive, nor do they have merit. And her position is indefensible.

Maybe if Benjamin Wittes were willing to take a position on those things, he’d realize that his defense of Stacey Abrams is itself pretty indefensible.

Hey, here’s a wacky notion: Donald Trump has nothing to do with Stacey Abrams. Stacey Abrams lost in 2018 and here we are in 2022 and she still won’t acknowledge it. And media and liberals love her for it. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s contention that the 2020 election was stolen from him has relatively little support for that claim even on the Right. And media and celebrities certainly aren’t fangirling over him the way they do over Stacey Abrams.

Anyway, back to Benjamin’s original point. We just can’t get over the fact that he thought he was doing Stacey Abrams a favor. All he did was reaffirm that she’s been behaving like a petulant child this whole time.

This. Whole. Time.

It’s literally right there, Ben.

If Dry Ramen Guy were here, he’d totally point that out, too.

Down the slippery slope is where.

Think about it, Benjamin. Think about it real hard.

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