#BareShelvesBiden was a hot trending topic yesterday, despite the best efforts of liberals trying to shield Joe Biden and his administration from criticism over the supply chain crisis.

Call him crazy, but National Review’s Jim Geraghty feels like people might have a reason to be dissatisfied with how the Biden administration’s policies are affecting consumers.

Geraghty’s put together a thread featuring highlights from today’s “Morning Jolt” examining how we got to the place where so many of us currently find ourselves.

What a gem that was.


The Biden administration is just a victim of Fox News propagandists!!1!

Oh. Well. In that case, it would appear that Joe Biden and Co. have some explaining to do. And blaming Republicans probably isn’t going to cut it for too much longer.

How much longer does Joe Biden think he can dodge responsibility?

We have no doubt that many in the national media will allow themselves to be contented by Ron Klain’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” schtick and that Klain will gladly retweet their retweets of him. But at some point even a Ron Klain tweet isn’t enough to make people ignore what they’re seeing.

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