Yesterday, Dr. Leana Wen tweeted something pretty remarkable:

It certainly is a striking quote. Striking because it’s true.

Welcome to the party, doc. Nice of you to join us. Twitchy staple @politicalmath has a message for you and for everyone else who only recently realized that keeping kids out of school does all sorts of short- and long-term damage:

Tell us how you really feel, PoliMath.

Seriously, though, he’s absolutely right to be furious. Every parent or children’s advocate who has argued that school shutdowns and long-term remote learning have hurt our kids should feel vindicated right now. How pathetic that liberals at large are only just now beginning to change their minds because they’ve seen how their terrible policies are polling.

Clearly some people don’t remember it at all. Either because they never had to deal with it or because they frankly don’t give a damn:


So you’d do exactly what you’ve been doing then, Berny.

We won’t speak for @politicalmath — he doesn’t need us to speak for him — but we feel pretty confident in saying that it’s not the words themselves that he’s reacting to, but rather the treatment of these words by the Left as some sort of revelation when it’s a truth parents have been shouting from the rooftops only to be shot down over and over again by morally superior politicians and media figures. PoliMath is absolutely right to be pissed off. We’re right there with him.

Congratulations, Berny, on looking like a callous jackass.

Is that supposed to be an insult? Because it’s not. Not even a little bit.

We need more PoliMaths and Bethany Mandels in society. Berny Belvederes are basically useless.