Former First Lady Melania Trump is auctioning off some items, with some of the proceeds going toward foster children.

We can certainly sit here and debate the optics of “a portion of the proceeds will support children,” but one thing that shouldn’t be up for debate is that Rick Wilson is a flaming POS:

Get it? Because porn! Because Melania Trump is basically a porn star, whoring herself out for money!

Rick’s hilarious, isn’t he?

That’s right, you guys stick it to those classless Trumps!

They certainly do. But enough about Rick Wilson and his Lincoln Project cronies. We’re still waiting to hear what portion of people’s donations to the Lincoln Project actually goes toward the Lincoln Project’s stated purpose as opposed to the portion that goes into Rick Wilson et al.’s bank accounts.

We’re still waiting for Rick Wilson and his Lincoln Project cronies to demonstrate that they’re actually better than the worst things they claim the Trump family is all about.

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