Taylor Lorenz has managed to parlay an obsession with kids these days and their social media into a sweet gig as an extremely online bully and New York Times tech reporter.

Because in America, you can do things like that. Even in this, our “trash country”:

It certainly didn’t take a global pandemic to help us realize that Taylor Lorenz is a trash person; we’ve known for quite a while.

The health care system in America is far from perfect — no thanks to government “fixes.” But “free healthcare” isn’t the solution to our problems.

And as trash countries go, we’re not really in the running.

Probably. So many of the “health care is a human right” people also think unvaccinated COVID patients don’t deserve medical treatment.

Perhaps Taylor would be more comfortable in, say, Switzerland, seeing as she’s already pretty familiar with it:

If Switzerland’s too far, there’s always Canada.

Pretty sure they do!

And speaking of the New York Times …

Here you go:



Glenn Greenwald rightly marvels at professional journo-troll Taylor Lorenz for publishing ‘one of the most amazing media tweets ever’

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