Yesterday, Pulitzer Prizewinning “1619 Project” architect Nikole Hannah-Jones explained on “Meet the Press” that parents really shouldn’t have a say in their kids’ educations.

Not sure what Nikole Hannah-Jones would know about expertise, seeing as rewrote history based on false information she fished out of her own rectum.

But feel free to give her a listen, if for nothing else than to giggle and roll your eyes at her BS:

And Nikole Hannah-Jones certainly has no expertise in the subject of America’s founding. Her only expertise is in tricking and guilting gullible and self-loathing liberals into taking her seriously.

Disliking Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t require any desperation on our part. She makes it easy for us, with her self-aggrandizement and commitment to being wrong about everything.

And speaking of not buying things anymore, it seems that Nikole Hannah-Jones is no longer buying her precious “1619 Project” anymore.

Weirdly enough, she deleted that tweet. Not quickly enough, but at least she tried, bless her.

Is @KellyScaletta actually attempting to make the case that Jon Levine is a racist for calling Nikole Hannah-Jones out for rewriting her own history? Because Hannah-Jones’ stans — like Hannah-Jones herself — are going to have to come up with better rebuttals than the “You’re a Racist” card.

Exactly. When the New York Times published the “1619 Project” as a seminal historical work by a uniquely gifted journalist, they didn’t do so with a disclaimer stating that Hannah-Jones’ work was “unrevised.” They framed it as a comprehensive and authoritative piece of historical scholarship. They only admitted to there being flaws when even left-wing historians called them and Hannah-Jones out. And they’re still standing behind the overall work.

She means that she knows her work was misrepresented as credible from the get-go.

Nikole Hannah-Jones rewrote American history, so it follows that she has absolutely zero qualms when it comes to rewriting the past few years of her dubious career. She knows she made up the “1619 Project” and she’s once again pretending that neither she nor the New York Times ever tried to represent her work as complete.

What can she say? Historical revisionism is a hard habit to break. Especially when you’ve been lying for as long as Nikole Hannah-Jones has.

A con artist, through and through.

Honestly, it doesn’t even matter at this point.

The Pulitzer Prize is a joke. Nikole Hannah-Jones is a joke. They deserve each other.=