Airplanes are notorious for being flying metal incubators for various viruses and bacteria. But up until relatively recently, people were fine to fly without wearing any sort of facial protection, and usually they made it from point A to point B in one piece.

But COVID has changed all that for some reason. Now we’ve got Anthony Fauci telling us we may never be able to fly on a plane without wearing masks despite the fact that vaccines are widely available at no cost to consumers and that the omicron variant that’s currently taking the world by storm is relatively mild.

And that sort of constant fearmongering with no basis whatsoever in science is how you inevitably end up at a point where there are people out there who think this is perfectly normal:

Here’s a screenshot in case she decides she’s tired of being ratio’d:

She should zip her hoodie up all the way. The ‘rona could still sneak in there through a gap in her scarf.

She couldn’t find a hazmat suit or something, just to be extra-sure she’s protected?

We have no reason to believe this gal is joking. We’ve encountered way too many people on Twitter who would actually do this.

Thanks a lot, Dana.

So at least Dana’s efforts weren’t a total waste.

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