NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss has built himself a distinguished career of being wrong about things.

Looks like it runs in the family, as his brother, “Writer, journalist, editor, filmmaker, prof.” Steven Beschloss offered up this take on West Virginia Dem Sen. Joe Manchin this morning:

Noted, Steven.

Not often enough, apparently.

Here’s a sample of those replies, in case you’re interested:

At least Steven’s not the only one beclowning himself over this.

Evidently that’s exactly what he thinks. Hard to blame him when so many libs think Democratic presidents should govern by pen and phone.

At the very least, Steven should know how our government works.

Steven should also feel free to check this out if he can find the time:

Or maybe head to his local library and check out some books on the U.S. government, if he prefers not to rely on the internet for information. Though we’re guessing that that’s not the case, as he’s clearly gotten his civics degree from the University of Twitter.

Hopefully it’s not too late for poor Steven.

Sending thoughts and prayers Steven’s way.