Actor and climate warrior Leonardo DiCaprio recently revealed that he’d had a pretty harrowing experience on the set of his new film, “Don’t Look Up.”

This was very brave of Leo, as he’s only used to jumping in delightfully warm water from off the side of a gas-guzzling yacht.

Well, Stephen L. Miller managed to find the humor in the situation, seeing as “Don’t Look Up” is supposed to be a satirical movie about convincing an ignorant world to be scared of impending global catastrophe:

Little did Miller know that in making a joke, he’d kicked a colossal hornet’s nest. And the next day, he’s still paying for it:

Greta Thunberg How Dare You dot gif.

And that’s just a little amuse-bouche.

We wouldn’t’ve believed it if we hadn’t seen it ourselves. But we saw it. And it’s definitely something.

As is Miller’s response to the rage:

It doesn’t seem like they’ll be OK.

We’ll never get enough of this. There’s just no such thing as too much!

Predictable but entertaining nonetheless.

Never change, @redsteeze.

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