When The Bulwark first came onto the political media scene, they said they’d be fighting for conservatism, fighting for the silent majority of Americans whose conservative values didn’t align with Trumpism.

In reality, The Bulwark hasn’t fought for anything other than the right to fellate themselves and call it principled journalism.

That’s why they do things like hire writers-at-large like Tim Miller, who does things like this:

And of course that gets the Bill Kristol Seal of Approval:

Careful, Tim and Bill. You guys’ll go blind if you keep this up.

There are certainly legitimate and intelligent arguments to be made by liberals that Democrats should hold their noses and hold onto Dem Sen. Joe Manchin. But Tim Miller decided not to go that route and opted instead for the infinitely more effective sneering-condescension approach:


Really putting the “bull” in “Bulwark.”

It’s not for anyone who wants to appeal to West Virginia voters, that’s for sure.

It’s certainly a bold strategy, we’ll give him that.

Odds are good that a high school auditorium would still be way too roomy.

Show of hands: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Real head-scratcher, that.

Tim can persist all he wants. He’s still going to be a joke. Just like The Bulwark.

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