In case you missed it, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren has some big ideas when it comes to the Supreme Court. In fact, she’ll need a bigger court just to handle all those big ideas:

Things are really hoppin’ now!

Will it prove to be an effective strategy? Should we elect Elizabeth Warren president and find out?

Or should we opt for a more moderate, palatable Liz with widespread appeal? Like, say, Liz Cheney? For what it’s worth, Principled Conservative™ Heath Mayo is ready to go to the mat for Cheney:

Given how well the Resistance’s ideas have worked out so far, we wouldn’t suggest taking campaign advice from Heath Mayo.

But … but wasting everyone’s time is literally the whole point of the Resistance! What do you expect Heath to do, just abandon Principled Conservatism™?


Like, if Heath wants to push forward with this, we certainly won’t stand in his way.

*Door slams.