In case you missed it, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is highly problematic.

Every time a SCOTUS case is threatened by a ruling that could make liberals angry, lefties re-up their calls for Breyer to retire (either voluntarily or not-so-voluntarily).

So with the Dobbs v. Jackson case, the one that libs fear has Roe v. Wade on the chopping block and will force millions of women to give birth against their will, Breyer’s inability to be as batsh*t insane and ghoulish as Sonia Sotomayor has lefty outlets like Slate terrified:

Harvard Prof. Laurence Tribe, whose job it is to understand the Constitution and our judicial system, agrees with Slate’s take and wants Breyer to do the right thing and retire for the good of the country, which in this case means for the good of liberals:

What would Laurence Tribe know about love for the Constitution? Tribe’s love isn’t for the Constitution; it’s for his own leftist politics. He’s not looking for a constitutional advocate on the Supreme Court. He’s looking for another rubber-stamp leftist judicial activist.

What’s scary and sad is that there are still a lot of people out there who look to an unapologetic partisan hack like Laurence Tribe for guidance when it comes to our Constitution and system of law.

There’s someone endangering and perverting our Constitution, all right. But it’s not Stephen Breyer; it’s Laurence Tribe.

Shame on him.