The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing today on “Combating Gun Trafficking and Reducing Violence in Chicago.” As Senate Judiciary Chair, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin took the wheel … and tried to run over gun rights advocate and Heritage Foundation Legal Fellow Amy Swearer:

Dick Durbin certainly isn’t interested.

The only excuse Dick Durbin could possibly have for wanting to cut Amy Swearer off at the pass is that he’s terrified that she’ll undermine his gun control arguments. And that’s not even an excuse so much as it is proof that he’s a coward.

Swearer, however, is not a coward.

Because Dick Durbin is not serious about curbing gun violence.

Exactly. Swearer knows it, too. And that scares Dems like Durbin even more.

Democratic politicians like Dick Durbin don’t want to solve gun violence; they want to perpetuate it. Because as long as there’s violence, they can use it to justify overreach and power grabs.