In case you missed it, inflation is the only thing that’s really hoppin’ in Joe Biden’s economy:

More than expected, huh? The fastest rate in 39 years, huh? You know, we’re starting to think that maybe we were right to be concerned about inflation.

Even though, as NRO’s Jim Geraghty reminds us, economic experts like Paul Krugman assured us over and over again that our worries were completely unfounded and irrational:

If Paul Krugman were remotely capable of shame, he’d have to be feeling pretty awkward this morning. After all, things are bad enough that even the New York Times can’t downplay it:

Give Paul some time. Let him play with his cats.

We’re sure he’ll eventually come up with something to explain why more and more people being able to afford less and less is nothing to get bent out of shape about.

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