Yesterday, the AP reported that Biden administration officials were planning to encourage Ukraine to cede some land to Russia. No big deal, as it’s land already controlled by Russian separatists, so obviously Russia will leave Ukraine alone if Ukraine just does this one little thing.

This news prompted some of Joe Biden’s critics to wonder aloud what Vladimir Putin has on Biden. After all, when Donald Trump failed to take Putin outside and show him what it’s like, media firefighters went nuts, suggesting if not outright claiming that Putin had some serious dirt on Orange Man. And Trump’s insufficiently aggressive attitude toward Russia looks pretty macho compared to Biden’s.

So you may be wondering when the media are going to start getting all fired up about Joe Biden being compromised. The answer is not today. Not for as long as they can still find a way to make this about Donald Trump.

Over to you, Washington Post:

Max Boot is all about this, of course:

Maximum Boot, minimum credibility.

Yes, let’s look at the facts. One fact is that Joe Biden is president. Another fact is that Putin wasn’t getting all big and bad about Ukraine when Donald Trump was president (same can’t be said for when Barack Obama was president) and now, when Joe Biden is in office, Putin once again feels confident in threatening Ukraine without fear of reprisal from the U.S.

It really is. It’s insane, actually.

WaPo is taking us for suckers.

Keep this up, and they’ll be getting Ron Klain retweets all day, every day.

Just be honest, WaPo. It’s easy if you try.