Critical Race Theory proponents love to argue that their opponents are racist conservative white supremacists. Being against CRT education means wanting to hide the truth about institutional racism from our children!

And if we fail to teach our children that America was founded on racism and that white people are inherently evil, we might end up undoing all that the Civil Rights Movement accomplished and all that modern-day civil rights crusaders are trying to accomplish. And you know where we end up then? Right back in Segregated America.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the Critical Race Theorists who want a return to segregation:

It’s legitimately amazing that all of this is supposedly being done in the name of preparing Bigelow Middle School students for “the real world.” Watch:

First off, is it really the school’s business to help students “process” the Rittenhouse and Arbery trial verdicts?

And second of all, why would processing either trial require racially segregating students?

We can only imagine.

Parents need to speak up.