Meghan McCain’s been trending on Twitter today. That may have something to do with her suggesting that the Fox News Christmas tree getting set on fire is a disturbing development in the public discourse.

Molly Jong-Fast found McCain’s frustration at the state of New York City pretty hilarious for some reason:

Former adviser to Vice President Joe Biden Jon B. Wolfsthal is also amused:

Or at least he was amused … until McCain responded:

Yeah, since when should we be grateful for the societal breakdown we’re dealing with just because it might be a little less breakdown-y today than it was yesterday?

Speaking of tame stuff, McCain’s subsequent response to Wolfsthal’s smug tweet was pretty tame stuff (definitely tamer than he deserved for being such a butthead):

But you’d think McCain would’ve threatened to kidnap everyone in Wolfsthal’s family by the way he reacted:

Um … yes?

Insulting? Absolutely. Abusive? Please.

Wolfsthal insults people’s intelligence by suggesting that McCain has violated some moral code. And he abuses Twitter’s rules by trying to get McCain into trouble for an innocuous criticism.

To call people like Wolfsthal children would be an insult to children.

Ugh. Let’s hope not.

Last word to McCain: